Welcome to the Golf Ball Marker Collectors Club

Welcome to what we believe is the only specialist web site for ball marker collectors in the UK, possibly the only one worldwide. Our aim is simply to become a place where collectors can contact other collectors and find out more about the interest that they share.

Whilst our membership origins were the Eastern Counties of England, we have since the publishing of a very positive 3 page article in Golf Monthly, seen healthy membership expansion, including contact from collectors in South Africa, the US and Nova Scotia and are now keen to expand our contacts/membership worldwide, but particularly into Australia, Canada, Eire and the US, as well as throughout the UK.

So wherever you live, if you would like to talk to other collectors, we can help. If you would like to BUY, SELL or SWAP markers, we can help. If you would like to identify a marker that you have, we can help. Whatever your interest in ball markers, we hope there are items of interest for you across our 8 pages. If there is something you would like to see added, please get in touch.

What can the Golf Ball Marker Collectors Club do for you?

Joining the 'Golf Ball Markers Collectors Club' (GBMCC) can only be good for your collection. Some of the things we can offer different levels of collectors are mentioned below. So give it some thought and do get in touch.

Those that specialise in Courses they play- BUT, have a number of gaps within their collections. Maybe the Club didn't offer markers when you played there, or perhaps you didn't collect markers when you played it. For those collectors we CAN:

  • Supply a database containing 100's of duplicate markers owned by our regulars. What you are looking for may well be listed!
  • Circularise your requirements to all known collectors. Your chances of finding your item have just increased 60+ fold! We all visit and talk to golf clubs and other collectors on a regular basis and are keen to help fellow collectors as a matter of routine. There's a good chance, after all, that you will also be able to help, one/some/all of us, as well!
  • Welcome you to our regular Golf and Swap meets. A chance to meet up with fellow collectors, normally Spring and Autumn.

For those looking to establish a comprehensive collection, we CAN: (in addition to the aforementioned)

  • Provide a database by Club, County, Country of all GB and I clubs (including name changes and clubs no longer in existence)
  • Put you in touch with collectors of similar interests with the ability to see each other's collections status, requirements by sharing one common database.
  • Provide an annual emphasis on acquiring new Centenary issues
  • Ensure a shared focus with contact to each and every GB and I golf club to establish Ball marker status and availability.
  • Regular email contact on all Ball Marker topics

PLUS this new website which we plan to expand to become a REFERENCE point for COLLECTORS. Content of the site will be updated at least FOUR TIMES a year, with regular features and plenty of Ball marker pictures for you to view.

So add the site to your FAVOURITES and check us out regularly to keep up to date with Ball markers.

Please also feel able to drop a note to the Editor if you would like to see something added to the site.

IF YOU JOIN THE GBMCC and get involved swapping with our MEMBERS, we only insist on one thing. All BALL MARKERS MUST HAVE BEEN SOURCED FROM PRO SHOPS or CLUB SECRETARIES. We do not support or Trade in copies or fakes!

In its simplest form, to join the GBMCC involves a nominal joining fee , with no ongoing annual charges. It is open to all Golfers/ Ball Marker Collectors, Worldwide. Our activities encompass many aids to collecting and it is entirely up to you how much or how little you get involved. The fee will give you immediate access to our duplicate list, to buy or swap markers, as well as being able to list your own duplicates/wants. Most collectors confirm that the fee is easily recovered on their first swap/trade when compared with business conducted with auction house sites. You will also receive contact information for other members with similar collecting interests to your own, along with an email of introduction to all of them, if required.

It should be emphasised that the GBMCC is a non profit making organisation. All fees raised are used to support the ongoing costs of the web site (excluding the Editor time which is provided free). Any surpluses will be used to support small clubs launch their 'first ever' markers, by guaranteeing up front to take a quantity. Club Secretaries and Professionals, please take note if you are considering the viability of introducing your first club markers.

To join, or receive any further information that you require contact Martin Sizer. In collecting terms it will be the best money you ever spent!

Martin Sizer

Website Editor