Ryder Cup,

The Ryder Cup (named after the English businessman Samuel Ryder who donated the trophy) is a biennial men's golf competition between teams    from Europe and the United States. Venues for the competition alternate between courses in the USA and Europe. Originally contested between   Great Britain and the United States, the first official Ryder Cup took place in 1927 at Worcester Country Club, in Massachusetts, US.The home team won the first five contests, but with the competition's resumption after the Second World War, repeated American dominance eventually led to a decision to extend the representation of "Great Britain and Ireland" to include continental Europe from 1979. Since 1979, Europe has won ten times outright and retained the Cup once in a tied match, with seven American wins over this period. The current holders are Europe who  won for the third successive time at the Gleneagles Hotel in Perth & Kinross, Scotland in 2014. The 2016 Ryder Cup will be at Hazeltine       National Golf Club in Chaska, Minnesota from September 30 to October 2.

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