2012 Open Royal Lytham St Annes

Ernie who Els

It had to be..Ernie on a course and at an event where he has done so well in the past. Many congratulations to Ernie on winning the Open at Royal Lytham St Annes- but I know many club golfers can relate to Adam Scott's sad ending to his competition.

Club golfers can miss the monthly medal by finishing with one or two bad holes and if they do there is another chance next month to enjoy bragging rights for an hour or two. Few if any others will mention a mini collapse , the disappointment of the club golfer will soon pass.

Adam however, will have the last 4 holes replayed in his head, mentioned in interviews by the media until such time as he achieves the major victory that his golf over the first 66 holes fully deserved. Problem being there are only 4 majors a year and many potential winners of majors to contend with. The ballmarkercollectorsclub. wishes Adam a speedy return to the top of a major leaderboard and a successful outcome that reads Adam Scott major winner!

Markers from this years event majored on different colour versions of the claret jug, some 18mm stemmed, some 25mm double sided with the Royal lytham St Annes logo on the reverse. Some spares of the items are available through the club.