Rare Markers a GBMCC view

Visitors to a well-known auction site may be forgiven for believing that certain sellers have cornered the market in RARE markers. They too often use the words RARE, Very RARE, EXTREMELY RARE, and XX RARE to describe their wares, no doubt in a thinly veiled attempt to influence buyers into bidding and trying to lure them into thinking they are within a click of acquiring a bargain.

Yet some, if not most of these items are regularly offered by these same sellers, every few weeks! Furthermore, many of our BMCC members have them in their collections and on occasions are holding spares. So just how rare are some of their offerings?

In an attempt to provide  accurate guidance on what are truly rare and difficult to acquire, we will introduce, on this site, markers that we consider to be rare based on how many of our members have them in their collections.

UNCOMMON - Less than 30% of our founder members have them - but clearly obtainable.

RARE- Less than 20% of our founder members have them - a rarely seen item.

VERY RARE- Less than 10% of our founder members have them - one to cherish, or search for.

Additionally, some clues as to what markers may well become RARE in the future, i.e. markers from clubs that no longer exist, or clubs that have changed names.  So check out the bottom of your golf bag, or the back of that drawer that you put ‘odds and ends’ in.    You may just find a gem of the future!

Got any of these?